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BOWLING GREEN FC is excited to announce its own youth academy program

Published Apr 27, 2022

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Bowling Green Football Club is launching a new program to put our club ahead of the rest in youth training and recruitment. Our Youth Academy program will work with our best BGFC coaches, teachers, and high level players to advance our youth system. Bowling Green FC's Youth Academy is geared towards development and advancement with a focus on player path to pro in the future.  

Our mission is to create the best youth soccer environment possible for young athletes who have the passion and desire to reach their full potential in the sport. We will have a clear pathway to professional, collegiate, and national teams by developing players through our proven training environment and focusing on our players holistically in our club. 

Evan Sutherland, the Technical Director of BGFC said " We are excited about this new challenge and opportunity for players in this area of the state." BGFC's vision is to develop players that will have the opportunity to play at the highest level of youth soccer in the country. BGFC will compete in the top leagues and events across the country and will provide a platform that is unmatched in our community.  

Sutherland said, "This platform will allow us to focus on true player development and every individual inside BGFC from players to coaches to full staff as we offer tremendous opportunities for growth. The training environment will be unmatched in an effort to maximize every player every day. The western part of the state has been in need of this structure and pathway for a long time and we want to open our doors to all individuals that choose to challenge themselves."  

Benjamin Mujcic the BGFC president said " Personally to me this is a moment where I’m trying to cherish the present and the progress we’ve made within such a short time. Our community has been supporting us at every home game, youth camps, and fundraisers we hosted. It’s an honor to be a role model and leader in the sport, I will continue working hard passionately to give back and more importantly lead our community in the right path forward."


Bowling Green FC Golden Lions is the first recognized professional soccer team in the city of Bowling Green and the champion of the 2021 UPSL mid-south conference.